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  • What is Medic Doge?

    Medic Doge is a doge who grew up in war, where her family died and was adopted by a field hospital. She has learned the skills of a doctor and has a kind heart. She hopes that one day there will be no more people injured by the war. She will lead us to various war areas, build field hospitals, see the cruelty of war, feel the preciousness of peace, help more people injured by war, and save more souls.

  • Build your own field hospital!

  • Medic Doge Foundation

    The foundation will focus on spot market investment and high-quality project discovery, Holders and Loyal player will receive the newest potential project information and spot market advice. And can participate in foundation investment.

  • Tokenomics

    Token Supply

    • Supply:1,000,000,000,000 MEDOGE

    Token Structure

    • 40% Gaming
    • 20% DAO
    • 15% CEX&DEX Liquidity
    • 10% Foundation
    • 8% Token sale
    • 2% marketing
    • 4.5% team
    • 0.5% Adviser
  • Token economics

    10% tax is charged for each transaction, and all of them enter the black hole destruction address. For every 9,999,000 MEDOGE destroyed, the team will repurchase 0.1BNB in the liquidity pool, and the repurchased tokens will flow directly into the black hole destruction address. And at the same time add 0.1BNB to the donation address. The burning will stop when the amount of burning tokens reaches 999,900,000,000 MEDOGE (100 million MEDOGE remaining). The final pool will have at least 10,000BNB and 100 million MEDOGE, and the donation address will also be added to a total of 10,000BNB for donation at this time.

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